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Get Connected

Get to know people:

The best way to get to know people in our church is to come consistently on Sundays and to take the opportunity to linger after the service and talk. Once a month we have an all-church meal after the Sunday Worship Service that provides an especially good opportunity for this. The main way we seek to cultivate close-knit relationships in our church family is through our weekly Gospel Community Groups. In many ways, Gospel Community Groups become like a household within the "extended family" of the church - a smaller group of people in the church who pray for, care for, and encourage one another. You are very welcome to visit.


We encourage every Christian to "put their roots down" and commit to membership in the church. This is far more vital than many people realise! We provide a class a couple times a year that will help you learn more about church membership in general and about becoming a member at Pretoria West Bible Church in particular. You don't have to have decided that you want to become a member of our church before you take this class - in fact, one of the goals of the class is to be helpful for people who are still thinking through this decision.

How to become a Member of our church:

> Attend our membership class (9am-3pm on a Saturday. Dates TBA.)

> If you have not been baptised you will also need to attend our Baptism class (a Saturday morning soon after the Membership Class. Dates TBA)

> Fill out a brief membership application. Do some (short) assigned reading. Write out your salvation testimony.

> Be interviewed by one of the pastors / elders. 

> If you are approved for membership:

- If you have not been baptised you will be baptised at a baptism service (Dates TBA)

- You will be welcomed as a member of the church during a Sunday Worship Service

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