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Our Core Values

1. Scripture: God’s Word, the Bible, is our foundation in everything: we carefully preach, teach, sing, and counsel the Bible, and we submit our lives and church to the authority of the Bible.

2. Glory: The central theme of the Bible is God Himself, and He is glorious! We stand in awe of His greatness and are compelled to worship Him! Knowing God is the source of true joy.

3. Gospel: The gospel of Jesus Christ puts God’s glory most fully on display. In Jesus, God has graciously made His former enemies His children and heirs; and closeness, affection, and generosity are at the heart of His relationship with us, forever. We are transformed as we grow in our understanding and appreciation of all that is ours in Jesus.

4. Discipleship: Jesus is both our Saviour and our Lord. He has bought us at a price! And He calls us to take up our cross daily and follow Him. We want to know and follow Jesus with all our lives, and we want to help others know and follow Him too (we are disciples who make disciples).

5. Community: It is not God’s design for us to follow Him alone. Because He is our Father, we are united as Family with one another. We follow Jesus together! The church should be characterised by deep, caring, Christ-centred friendships that transcend all worldly differences. These friendships are one of God’s sweetest gifts, and one of the main ways He changes us.

6. Mission: Soli Deo Gloria! (Glory to God alone!) God is worthy of all our worship! We live to make Him look as great as He is through happy, sacrificial obedience to what He calls us to in His Word, and by calling others to know and worship Him too.

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